Marketers Find New Ways To Target Children

Marketers Find New Ways To Target Children

To boost sales new technologies are being utilized, aimed directly at youngsters.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 august 2011

A recent USA Today article examined concerns about the future of youth marketing, with new methods being used to subvert parents and target young children. As the article states:

The world of marketing to kids has grown extremely complex and tech-heavy. Marketers that seek new ways to target kids are aware of new calls for federal action — including voluntary marketing guidelines that would affect food marketers. Kids, who are spending less time watching TV and more time on computers or smartphones, are becoming targets online.

Among the technologies marketers use is online advertising, and offering kids virtual currency in exchange for clicking on an ad. Those that are woven into the site content sometimes even manage to bypass ad-blocking software.

Clothing retailers are also coming up with new ways of targeting the young. 77kids by American Eagle stores have a photo booth with a big-screen TV that lets kids see themselves in a rock band video. They also have touch-screens that work like a virtual dressing room, and allow children to slow down, speed up or change the music in-store.

Fast-food and cereal marketing has increasingly come under fire, with the Obama administration proposing voluntary limits for foodmakers concerning the way they market to children.

USA Today: Marketing to Kids Gets More Savvy with New Technologies

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