The Fireside Restaurant in Chicago barters goods and services with its customers on a daily basis.

Richard Wohn and his restaurant, Fireside, have gained popularity among denizens of Chicago’s North Side for its practical and very timely business strategy. In our current trying economic times, restaurant-goers don't necessarily have cash on hand, and rather than relying on credit, Wohn lets them barter goods and services instead.

In the same way that other businesses have used the barter system to put things to good use, Wohn has adopted the strategy to keep his restaurant going. Some of the items in his kitchen, such as ice cream coolers, soup warmers, were obtained through bartering, and even vacations for Wohn and staff have been offered. Other services Wohn has received include grooming for his dog, and even time shares. Some of his clients still pay in cash, but approximately five tables per night are paid for via barter.

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