The latest exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art highlights the way in which we use technology not only in the pieces in the exhibit but in the way they are viewed as well.

The newest MoMA exhibit, ‘Talk to Me’ is a reflection of the ways in which technology will and already has shaped the 21st century. Exhibit curator, Paola Antonelli writes, ‘Talk to Me explores this new terrain, featuring a variety of designs that enhance communicative possibilities and embody a new balance between technology and people.’ (Talk to Me)

The objects and interactive displays fully capitulate the sort of interaction that this generation has come to expect in all aspects of our lives. Thus far, 21st-century culture is centered on interaction: ‘I communicate, therefore I am’ is the defining affirmation of contemporary existence.’ (Talk to Me) A prime example was the ways in which the audience was encouraged to interact with the exhibit. By simply pulling out my smartphone to read a QR code, I went from simply staring at exhibit pieces and reading insufficient captions, to exploring videos about the origins of those pieces and discovering how the many parts of the exhibit are interconnected. Being a Millennial, it was second nature to upload the links from the QR codes to my Facebook page and embed them in emails to friends.

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