PSFK Tests The Range Rover Evoque On And Off Road

PSFK Tests The Range Rover Evoque On And Off Road

After a couple of days driving across Wales to Liverpool, I'm looking forward to spending some time with the new Evoque in NYC.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 23 august 2011

As a City Shaper for the Range Rover Evoque launch that takes place around the world next month, I was invited to spend a couple of days testing out the new car on a journey that took me across the northern most part of Wales from Holyhead in Anglesey to the Beatle’s birthplace, Liverpool.

The course was especially designed by the Land Rover Experience team and they made sure we drove as many windy country roads with 60mph limits as we did across farmers’ fields and mountain tops. The end of the two day drive involved skirting around the streets of Liverpool where I enjoyed some unique, underground off-roading too.

The car is a smaller SUV in size and the parent company Land Rover have introduced the automobile for urban dwellers who have style high in mind plus have fuel efficiency and car size concerns. The journey was to show myself and the troupe of journalists that while they may have created the smallest car they have produced so far it still had all the elements that made a Range Rover the car it is.

Design Director Gerry McGovern says that the Evoque shouldn’t be considered as an entry-level vehicle to the Range Rover brand – instead it’s a unique brand created for a growing segment of car owners. In this video he takes the viewer through the design elements:

On the journey, we drove across Welsh fields and up a mountain to test the different off-road modes and in Liverpool we first took the Evoque through an abandoned Victorian tunnel that runs under the city.

Part of the tunnel was part-submerged and as I drove through it I wondered if my feet would get wet, the Evoque powered through like a motor-boat. This video gives you some idea about what happened:

Later we drove through a submerged bridge through a canal by the Mersey. We’re not too sure how many folks will use these off-road features (nor how many people use them on Range Rovers) but it reinforces the idea that the Evoque is a solid car with great handling, decent ‘poke’ and modern looks. This video gives you some idea about what happened:

A final part of the trip involved visiting the factory at Halewood. Parent company Land Rover took the decision to build the car in the UK near Liverpool – in a spot that has been building cars since the 1960s when they built the first Ford Anglia.

As part of the City Shaper deal, I get to drive a black-on-black version around the streets of New York for a few months: something I’m looking forward to. Click through to see some more of the images from the trip:

Range Rover Evoque

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