Samsung's newest conceptual 3D TV features removable edge-less screens and wireless connection to Android devices.

The latest conceptual design from Samsung that is sure to reinvent the 3D television market is the Samsung MSTV. Designed by Joseph Dumary, the MSTV is a multi-screen TV that enables users to seamlessly switch from screens as small as 22 inches to those as large as 64 inches. These razor-thin, edgeless screens are powered by Android and can wirelessly connect to any Android-powered devices that then doubles as a remote control. Video game enthusiasts can use smartphones as controllers while hooking up their systems wirelessly using ‘DPConnect’ and MSTV’s 3D feature – ActiveDeep3D+ allows users to see 3D images of high quality in a transparent screen, with or without 3D glasses. Its eco-friendly backlit design uses an AMOLED+panel to minimize energy usage.

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