Second Screen Enhances The MTV Video Music Awards

Second Screen Enhances The MTV Video Music Awards

A range of online and mobile apps make viewing the show a more social experience.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 august 2011

The MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night offered a very social viewing experience, augmented by a number of apps for mobile devices. The VMA website enabled viewers to access various camera angles of live feeds set up around the event, including on the red carpet, backstage, with the paparazzi and in the green room.

The Twitter Tracker visualization tool displayed which artists and topics were most popular throughout the show. A seating map showed where celebrities were sitting and connected with their Twitter account so you saw comments in real-time.

Second Screen Enhances The MTV Video Music Awards

The VMA All Access Live program showed uploaded clips of performances and stand-out moments, which viewers could then share on Facebook and Twitter or embed in their blog. New apps MTV News and MTV WatchWith also enabled users to keep track of the award winners and send messages to their favorite artists or comment on performances online. All of these elements came together to create a ‘second-screen’ experience for viewers, enabling them to access extra features and interact with others watching the show.

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