Sliding Puzzle Game For Kids Is Inspiration For 20G Diamond Watch By Ritmo Mundo [Headlines]

Ritmo Mundo designs a watch based on a simple child's sliding puzzle game, except this one is gold and encrusted with diamonds.

Caroline Ku
  • 12 august 2011

A sliding puzzle game is something that all of us have played as kids. Puzzle solving tasks help in developing creativity as well as problem solving. But such a simplistic game is played by millions of kids around the globe. So how do you ensure that your tiny tot – who has been born with a diamond studded spoon in his mouth get the same amount of mental stimulation without looking mediocre?

Well, the answer lies in the $20,000 version of the sliding puzzle game from Ritmo Mundo that uses – what else? – diamonds to add bling to this centuries old game. And in order to justify your purchase, you also get a watch. Well, basically – its the watch which has the game, but it just sounds so much better this way. After all, you certainly do not expect any sane person to play the sliding game each time he wants to decipher the time! The sliding puzzle game obfuscates the watch face and the game needs to be played each time in order to check the time. Yash Desai/Business Insider.

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