Social Media Mobilizes Clean-Up After UK Riots

Social Media Mobilizes Clean-Up After UK Riots

Volunteers use Twitter and Facebook to organize clean-up operations across the country.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 august 2011

Social media has been used as a force for good in the wake of riots that have spread from London to other major cities across the UK. Twitter and Facebook have provided a platform for clean-up organizers and supporters to mobilize their operations and spread their message.

The Riotcleanup Twitter page has amassed over 87,000 followers and is constantly tweeting updates including clean-up locations and times, along with other information about the initiative. Twitter users are using the #riotcleanup hashtag to share their own experiences.

A Facebook group was set up to collate information after the damage caused in London and has 18,000 followers, with similar groups for the different cities affected. Also, has information about how to help and a list of locations, dates and times for upcoming clean-ups.

Social Media Mobilizes Clean-Up After UK Riots

Riot Cleanup

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