Crearmoda is a Spanish company that lets you design-your-own clothing using a 3D simulator on their website. If enough people vote for your customized rhinestone hoodie, the company may even produce it for sale.

Design-your-own initiatives have regularly featured on Springwise over the years, and recently we came upon another interesting example. Set in Spain, Crearmoda allows users to design their own clothing and then offer up those designs for voting and incorporation by others.

A 3D simulator is at the heart of Crearmoda, giving users the means to customize shirts, hoodies, umbrellas and scarves with rhinestones, embroidery and images, among many other options. Pricing is determined by the options selected. Manufacturing is done locally where possible, and Crearmoda’s blog page is dedicated to helping designers and artists share their creations for voting and possible use by others on the site. The video below demonstrates Crearmoda in action:

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