Target Commercial Shoot Goes Green Behind The Scenes [Headlines]


Target hires environmental consulting company EcoSet, to ensure that even behind-the-scenes of a commercial shoot, they are making an effort to go green.

Caroline Ku
  • 5 august 2011

Last week Target invited me to Universal Studios in Los Angeles to watch a shoot for one of their commercial that is slated to run on television later this year. Watching a film, television, or commercial filming can be like watching CalTrans road work: generally not a whole lot of action is going on, folks are standing around, but somehow the work eventually gets done.

But last week’s commercial shooting was different from others I’ve attended or had stumbled upon in random neighborhoods like Koreatown, Silver Lake, and yes, Hollywood. Not only recycling bins, but composting bins were everywhere. Just about everyone had a steel water bottle. A production trailer ran on part biodiesel blend, but mostly off of solar. And someone was always manning the garbage bins, making sure the right waste entered the correct bin.Target partners with EcoSet, an environmental production company founded as a response to the environmental impact of the film production industry. Leon Kaye/Triple Pundit.

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