The Future Of PR: Always-Aware, Ever-Ready [Video]

The Future Of PR: Always-Aware, Ever-Ready [Video]

To intercept conversations as they are happening and leverage real-time marking opportunities, Golin Harris has created The Bridge: a space that shows what’s happening across all media channels at one time.

Catherine Fulton
  • 3 august 2011

In The Future Of PR series, PSFK partnered with PR agency Golin Harris to highlight the changes that are taking place in today’s complex digital world. In parts one and two of the series, we covered how the agency has PRevolved and restructured, in order to always stay ahead of the curve.

In today’s video, we uncover how Golin Harris responded to the critical need for real-time marketing by creating ‘The Bridge.’ This is a space for colleagues to come together in front of numerous computer and television screens to see what’s happening in the media landscape in it’s totality. The Bridge allows Golin Harris to see real-time opportunities that impact their clients, allowing them to intercept the conversation as it is happening. This gives their communications increased relevance and dynamism.

For more information, visit Golin Harris, or click below to watch the whole series.

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