The Future Of PR: Constant Evolution [Video]

The Future Of PR: Constant Evolution [Video]

To accommodate the rapid changes in the world today, Golin Harris has intentionally PRevolved to ensure they always stay ahead of the curve.

Catherine Fulton
  • 1 august 2011

In order to highlight the radical changes that are taking place in today’s media environment, PSFK partnered with PR agency Golin Harris to take an in-depth look at how their agency model has evolved to fit today’s dynamic landscape.

This video, CONSTANT EVOLUTION, is the first in a 5 part series that introduces Golin Harris as an agency that acknowledges that the rise of digital media has caused consumer behavior and the communications industry to change significantly. They have responded to this change by breaking the traditional agency model to ensure they always stay ahead of the curve.

While trying to define what they were doing, Golin Harris stumbled across the word ‘PRevlove’ in the urban dictionary, which means to ‘intentionally change.’ Although business has been booming for the agency, they realized that it was their job not to get complacent, and in order to grow, they needed to position the company strategically looking forward to the next 10 years, rather than just the next year. The whole concept behind PRevolve is to constantly adapt to keep up with the pace of the world, for only then can an agency have the industry leverage to get ahead.

The major change that Golin Harris implemented in their workplace was to restructure the company into four communities of experts rather than a typical PR agency of generalists. This model, known as the G4 model consists of: catalysts, strategist, creators, and connectors, and will be discussed in more depth in tomorrow’s 2nd video: FROM GENERALISTS TO SPECIALISTS

To intercept conversations as they are happening and leverage real-time marking opportunities, Golin Harris has created The Bridge: a space that shows what’s happening across all media channels at one time. This will be highlighted in the 3rd video: ALWAYS-AWARE, EVER-READY

In the 4th video HOLISTIC TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING, we discover how Golin Harris is treating media the same way consumers do by blowing away the silos and becoming more integrated.

To complete THE FUTURE OF PR series, Golin Harris will discuss how they are creating modern, integrated campaigns which see paid, earned, owned, and shared media all working together to deliver clients better results.

For more information, visit Golin Harris, or click below to watch the whole series.

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