Golin Harris is treating media the same way consumers do by blowing away agency-created silos and becoming a more holistic operation.

This week PSFK partnered with PR agency Golin Harris to discuss The Future Of PR, which we are featuring in a 5 part video series. In today's 4th installment, Golin Harris comments on how even though the advertising industry segments all media channels, and approaches them separately, the consumer doesn't. Therefore, ideas must be able to traverse multiple channels as they follow the consumer throughout their day. This strategy, known as transmedia storytelling, ensures stories have built-in mobility, which allows different channels to tell different parts of the same narrative. Unlike most PR agencies who have traditional media experts on one side of the building, and social media experts on the other, Golin Harris is blowing away these silos and putting people together, which increases opportunities for collaboration and dynamic cross-pollination.

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