In 'The Greatest Brandversations' company slogans are reversed, bringing to light the possibility that they may be just as appropriate for either business.

We've come across quite a few logo reversal projects recently, you may remember Honest Logos, You Took My Name, and Brand Reversions, now add The Greatest Brandversations to the roster. The brainchild of Romanian graphic designer, Stefan Asafti we see again how duking it out with advertising designed to make major brands look better than a competitor really begs the question: how different are Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

These poster-sized mash-ups were created using the smaller logos of its adversary to comprise the much larger logo. Not only did Asafti switch the ubiquitous corporate logos, he also reversed the slogans to illustrate what each competing pair has in common: each brand has played a vital role in building the identity of their rival through the marketing dialogue (brandversation) they constantly have with one another.

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