De Santos use the tablets for everything from taking orders to accepting payments.

This month the Italian restaurant De Santos, located in the West Village, became the first in New York to use iPads as its ordering and payment system. According to Business Insider, the waiters and waitresses can take orders, send them to the kitchen, and swipe customers' credit cards to pay for the bill. The customized POS (Point of Sale) system, which takes the form of an app on their iPad, can access the table and seating chart, as well as a full visual food and drinks menu.

Each ordered item can be selected from the library of menu options and is then sent wirelessly to the kitchen and bar, which means no need for a trip to the terminal to repeat the order. Using iPads also works out cheaper than the POS systems usually used in restaurants, which cost at least $30,000. The customized app, 8 iPads and credit card swipers cost around $18,000 in total.

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