‘Thumbs Up’ Not The Only Way To Tell What’s Popular On Facebook

‘Thumbs Up’ Not The Only Way To Tell What’s Popular On Facebook

Eager to use Facebook for your advertising and marketing campaigns? See how these pointers can help you better understand the ever-changing social network market.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 17 august 2011

Companies and brands around the world have been capitalizing on Facebook’s ‘like’ feature and its ability to advertise and create awareness across multiple platforms. But counting the number of thumbs-up is not the only way to measure the success of a campaign. There are other significant indicators that provide in-depth information on the demographic of the target market. These indicators can be grouped into platform and content.

In addition to ‘likes,’ Facebook can track comments, interactions, clicks, shares, impressions and page views, all of which add up to valuable quantitative marketing data. On another level, the contents of a post verbatim, date and time of posting, length, and subject of a post may also provide insight and perspective analysis for qualitative information.


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