Touchanote works together with Evernote and NFC technology so you can make everyday objects into digital reminders.

Touchanote could be the Post-It-Notes killer that makes everyday objects into digital reminders.  Touchanote works together with Evernote and NFC technology. It simply stores your existing Evernote content and links on an NFC tag, so every time you tap the tag with your NFC-enabled phone, it will automatically bring up the note. What that essentially means is that you can stick an NFC tag on your table to remind you of your to-do-list, or have one on the fridge to bring up favorite recipes.

NFC stands for near field communication and simplifies transactions. The technology is currently found in newer credit cards and some smartphones. The NFC tags can be purchased on Touchanote’s website where you can buy a packet of 10 tags for just $10 USD. Watch the video below to see how Touchanote works.

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