Toyota Imagines What It Could Be Like In The Backseat


A concept video by Toyota Europe imagines a solution to passenger boredom in the car.

Caroline Ku
  • 6 august 2011

Toyota Europe has launched a concept video that imagines the back seat window in a car as a touch screen that interacts with passing scenery. The video shows a young girl looking out of a back seat window during a drive out to the country. She suddenly starts to draw and trace objects on the window with her finger. She’s also able to zoom in on distant subjects and tap the screen to hear a voice that tells her what she’s pointing at, much like a parent would do for a child while reading a picture book.

The video, ‘Window to the World,’ was launched in partnership with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

However, there is no official statement that Toyota is actually working on this project. A similarly styled concept video was seen previously by Corning in ‘A Day Made of Glass.’


Toyota Europe

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