Shazam will allow viewers to tag a TV show or commercial to reveal exclusive interactive content.

Shazam for TV will allow viewers to tag a TV show or commercial, the same way Shazam tags and identifies music. Shazam will use audio-detection technology to create interactive ads and promotional content. Instead of telling the viewer what they are currently watching, the app will be able to unlock hidden content, such as extra footage, interesting facts or exclusive downloads and deals.

Already, companies like Honda, Starbucks and Paramount Pictures, have partnered with Shazam to utilize this application. Radio and TV ads for Paramount Pictures’ Transformers 3 were able to be ‘Shazamed’ to unlock a free download to a Linkin Park single and links to purchase the movie soundtrack. In addition, TV promos for the series Grey’s Anatomy and Syfy can be ‘Shazamed’ to reveal episode previews.

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