Virtual Boarding Agents Say ‘Bonjour’ To Passengers

Virtual Boarding Agents Say ‘Bonjour’ To Passengers

The Paris-Orly airport in France tests out virtual agents who greet passengers and make sure they're boarding the right flight.

Yi Chen
  • 22 august 2011

The Paris-Orly airport in France is testing virtual boarding agents that greet passengers as they enter through the boarding gates. The life-like 2D hologram images are projected onto a human-shaped plexiglass. The virtual agent appears with a press of a button to signal the start of boarding. The flight destination flashes in front of the virtual assistant and is accompanied by an automated message,

Bonjour! I invite you to go to your boarding gate. Paris Airports wishes you a bon voyage.

The virtual agent has had a largely positive response with amused and surprised travelers. Airport officials hope this technology will make wayfinding clearer for passengers in comparison to the traditional electronic displays.

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