Could models for popular video games like Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto and NFL football take over the job market? Could virtual versions of ourselves be replacing ourselves at work?

There is an interesting discussion going on the in tech scene right now. Jeff Jarvis got the ball rolling by writing a post at Buzzmachine about the Jobless Future we might be facing. Other tech leaders like Paul Graham and Jason Calacanis then joined in the discussion. Earlier that week Jarvis changed his upcoming talk at South by South West accordingly.

This is of course a topic that can’t be covered in one single blog post or by one single person. There are too many factors that led to the point we are at today. It seems as if we have reached what I would call “peak employment”. No more jobs are being created though more and more job seekers, old and young are entering the market. Why didn’t this happen earlier you might ask. Kirsten Winkler/The Big Think.

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