Audi creates an urban commuting racecar and Volkswagen brings modern automotive style to the beach.

Today's collection of new concepts from the 2011 Frankfurt Auto show spans from an urban commuter to a beach buggy. It is refreshing to see some imagination and experimentation return to the auto show circuit.

German automakers seem to be keen on exploring the topic of urban mobility this year. Both Audi and BMW staged events looking at the future of cities in NYC this year. Audi debuted a unique 1+1 seater electric vehicle designed for getting around in metropolitan areas. The Urban Concept can't easily be categorized in usual car category terms. It is very lightweight offering a race car inspired driving experience with an interior experience more like an airplane cockpit. One interesting technical feature is how the Urban Concept get recharged. Audi is proposing a wireless charging system where electric current is transmitted via a special parking pad to the car through a high-frequency alternating field.

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