In Brief

According to the US census, New York has the largest number of never-married women in the country.

Uh-oh—did this woman who became the laughingstock of China because of her extremely specific demands for a potential husband realize that moving to New York City for her soul mate search might be ill advised? It seems the Big Apple is actually the United States’ top city for unmarried women. WNYC looked at census data and spells it out: “34.8 percent of New York women 15 and over were never married. At the other end of the never married women spectrum was Wyoming, where only 20.7 percent of women have never married. Within New York City those statistics are higher than the state-wide. Never-married women make up 41.7 percent of the population, up from 38.7 percent in 2006. For men, the figures are even more dramatic: 46.7 percent have never been married, up from 43.4 percent in 2006.” Singletons, UNITE! Gothamist

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