Why the as-yet unreleased Amazon tablet may pose the only real threat to Apple's iPad.

To all the companies who released new tablets last week, I have some bad news. They don’t matter. And not because of the iPad’s dominance. It’s because the Amazon tablet is coming. Maybe you didn’t hear me right: THE AMAZON TABLET IS COMING! Sorry, Lenovo IdeaPad A1, a $199 price tag alone won’t be enough to move the needle. Toshiba AT200, you’re sexy thin, but full-sized ports won’t win over the masses.

I know, I know, the Amazon tablet isn’t even a real product yet. And that’s exactly why the buzz surrounding this unreleased gadget should scare the crap out of the competition. In July, a Retrevo study showed that 55 percent of tablet shoppers would most likely buy a tablet from Amazon, 17 points higher than the nearest competitor. Here are five reasons why this slate will make nearly every iPad alternative instantly irrelevant and gobble up a sizable chunk of Apple’s pie. BusinessInsider.com

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