Amazon Accused Of Having Unsafe Warehouse Working Conditions

Amazon Accused Of Having Unsafe Warehouse Working Conditions

Employees of the online retail giant have stepped out to complain that Amazon's working condition is unacceptable and brutal.

Yi Chen
  • 21 september 2011

A former employee of the online retail giant Amazon has spoken out about the brutal working condition at Amazon’s Lehigh Valley warehouse. Elmer Goris worked at Amazon in warehousing for a year before quitting in July, 2011. He complained to the media that the work demanded mandatory overtime and the warehouse was an unsafe working environment as it would often heat up to above 100 degrees. Goris has worked in several different warehouses in the last decade and explained that:

I never felt treated like a piece of crap in any other warehouse but this one (Amazon). They can do that because there aren’t any jobs in the area.

Goris isn’t the only employee complaining about Amazon’s warehouse poor working conditions. Out of the 20 people Morning Call interviewed, 19 0f them expressed their concerns over being ‘forced to endure brutal heat inside the sprawling warehouse’.

It’s been reported that during summer heat waves, Amazon arranges paramedics on stand-by to treat workers who have suffered from some form of dehydration or heat stress. Nevertheless, workers are expected to jump straight back into work or be in the risk of getting fired. Because most of the employees working in Amazon’s warehouse are hired on a temporary basis, they can be easily dismissed.


Morning Call: Inside Amazon’s Warehouse


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