Animals May Be Shrinking Due To Global Warming

Animals May Be Shrinking Due To Global Warming

Recent research conducted in London implies that some animal species may be decreasing in size due to the rise in temperature.

Yi Chen
  • 29 september 2011

Several studies have shown that the effects of global warming have caused temperatures to rise in many countries. In addition, it might also be a probable cause for many animal species to decrease in size. In a recent study, scientists from the Queen Mary University of London reinforced the phenomenon known as the ‘temperature-size rule.’ This rule shows that many cold-blooded species reach a smaller adult size when exposed to warmer climates.

Researcher Andrew Hirst explains that:

We’ve shown that growth and development increase at different rates as temperatures warm. The consequences are that at warmer temperatures a species grows faster but matures even faster sill, resulting in them achieving a smaller adult size.

The recent research also suggests that warmer temperatures do not effect fundamental factors such as mortality, reproduction and feeding.


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