Audi And MIT Introduce The Road Frustration Index

Audi And MIT Introduce The Road Frustration Index

The Road Frustration Index provides drivers with up-to-the-minute info on the state of roads across the US.

Anna Brillon
  • 26 september 2011

There are many factors that can cause daily problems on the road, so Audi launched a campaign recently out of San Francisco was created by the agency AKQA.  To generate buzz and awareness of the current road conditions, AKQA brought in MIT and partnered with the SENSEable City Lab to develop the Road Frustration Index (RFI). This is a compendium of data on current road conditions such as weather, driver sentiment, number of accidents, and more — all presented in real time. One can check out the current RFI score depending on the time of day, across several cities in the US. Basically, the higher the RFI score, the more stressful or more difficult it is to drive in that part of the city at that given time.

For instance, the weather can range from tranquil to rough. Incidents on the road can range from minor to disastrous, depending on the number of accidents, construction sites, and other events. Even the overall sentiments of drivers can be determined, whether they are generally calm or bordering on frustrated, thanks to a smart system that collates current Tweets of drivers based on trending topics.

Not only that, but the RFI can also let users know how much time is wasted in traffic on the average, as well as number of gallons wasted per mile. The RFI scores of various cities can also be arranged and viewed by rank. Currently, among the most frustrating cities to drive in are Los Angeles and Miami, followed by Washington DC and San Francisco.

Road Frustration Index

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