[Sponsored] The Lifecatching Project is a new endeavor from NBC Universal that encourages the creative community to join together to save everyday memories.

We published earlier this week about a new and exciting project from NBCUniversal.  The Lifecatching Project is an endeavor aimed at generating a mini time capsule of the world over the course of one week.  It is part social experiment, part art project.

As a way to get people to start experiencing life in a different way, the project encourages those interested in participating to take and submit up to three pictures over the course of the next week, that portray the ordinary, rather than extraordinary, occurrences in our everyday lives. The initiative is designed to capture ‘the now' in a world where our desire to share what's going on in our lives on a moment-to-moment basis may actually prevent us from really experiencing these moments themselves. Jake Katz, Director of Trends Research for NBCUniversal —  the creators of the project — explains:

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