Beauty And Wisdom: Redefining What Beautiful Means As We Age

Beauty And Wisdom: Redefining What Beautiful Means As We Age
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Photojournalist, Robbie Kaye captures images of ageless beauty and weekly ritual in a culture that is obsessed with youth.

Kyana Gordon
  • 6 september 2011

For her series, Beauty and Wisdom, photojournalist Robbie Kaye visited salons throughout the United States interviewing and capturing women in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s during their weekly beauty par­lor appoint­ment. Each candid portrait highlights each woman’s personality,  and changes the viewer’s per­cep­tion of beauty and how it is perhaps…ageless.

As Kaye dug deeper, she discovered the profound integrity and grace of these older women, who viewed their salon time ‘not as a luxury, but as a necessity.’ More important than their weekly visit was their undying commitment to maintaining their lifelong ritual for camaraderie and rejuvenation.











According to Kaye’s first-hand observations, the comb & tease style commonly worn by her subjects is a complicated process, lending itself to the necessity of weekly appointments. These styles are not something the ladies could easily replicate at home.

Beauty and Wis­dom visually preserves a dimin­ish­ing pop­u­la­tion of women and certain fad­ing aspects of communal American culture, drawing attention to the fact that these ladies are still vibrant and thriv­ing in a soci­ety that focuses on the beauty of youth. 

Robbie Kaye


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