Beyond Infinity Translates Fractals Into the Real World

Beyond Infinity Translates Fractals Into the Real World
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Serge Salat's new installation is a seemingly infinite neon blue world.

Dylan Schenker
  • 28 september 2011

We’ve all taken the trip through those fractal worlds in videos that would go on forever if they could. Now, artist Serge Salat has taken that aesthetic and translated it into the real world. In his new installation ‘Beyond Infinity’ he has created a massive fractal world that you don’t simply watch, but that you can actually walk through.

The installation is a massive geometric city that glows electric blue. Although it looks like it goes on and on forever its actually an illusion created by mirrors that are part of the design. In fact, the installation was fairly self-contained within a mall in Shanghai. Suprisingly, the materials to make it are quite low tech as well. Measuring in at about 40 feet by 35 feet with a height of about 12 feet it is made largely from steel, aluminum panels, painted wood, mirrors and light. It truly looks like a city unto itself and perhaps could be considered a glimpse into the future of metropolitan architecture.

The installation was sponsored by Buick and is intended to be used as a vehicle showcase rooms during events. It was originally on display this past week at Westgate Mall from September 16th-18th. It is now currently touring cities across China.

Serge Salat

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