NYC promotes going green by launching a new city project which will make 10,000 bikes available for rental.

Environmental awareness has encouraged many city dwellers to convert greener and eco-friendly lifestyles. A perfect example of this is choosing to go for green and non-polluting forms of transportation, such as bicycles. Recently, New York has announced that it will be launching a new Bike Share program, which will install 600 stations across the metro, and includes 10,000 bikes available for rent.

Currently, Washington DC has the largest Bike Share, which was the first to open in the US in 2008 and now with about 100 stations across the city. New York hopes to join in the green bike revolution by offering this alternative to its busy city folk. For a few hours a day, one can borrow a NYC bike from the Bike Share program for about the same cost as a ride on the subway. Bikers can choose to subscribe as members, which allows them to use the bikes for a day, a week, or even a full month. To date, New York has not yet announced where the 600 bike share stations will be placed.

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