PSFK checks out Cadillac's latest luxury convertible concept.

Yesterday PSFK got to checkout Cadillac’s latest concept car called the Ciel which debuted last month at the Pebble Beach Concours. The car was shown on a roof top of a building in Chelsea on the west side of Manhattan. Niki Smart, Cadillac Exterior Design Manager talked about what the car represented for the brand and gave an overview of the design.

Smart explained that the Ciel was meant to be a more realistic preview of where future Cadillac products would draw inspiration from. Cadillac’s last really ambitious concept, the well received Sixteen was based more in the realm of fantasy and proved too much of a stretch to integrate into Cadillac’s product stream. The Ciel evolves the existing angular intensive Art and Science brand language with softer curves and more sweeping lines. In photographs, the Ciel appears to be a mile long, but oddly in person the proportions of the convertible feel nicely balanced. The car has a presence which feels like a modern mix of 60’s era Cadillacs with speed boat ques.

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