The music legend's teams up with the fast food giant to create an animated film that teaches the world the value of sustainable farming.

Mexican food chain Chipotle commissioned animator Johnny Kelly to create a film that advocates sustainable farming in a short but touching message. The two-minute animated clip, entitled ‘Back to the Start' is accompanied by a Willie Nelson’s cover of ‘The Scientist,' originally by Coldplay, commissioned by Chipotle.

The short film features the story of a simple farmer whose business eventually boomed into an uncontrollable force that negatively impacted the environment. The story ends with the farmer deciding to revert to his simple farming ways which can still effectively and sustainably produce food products. This is part of Chipotle’s advocacy to help the environment by still providing quality and healthy food for the people. The campaign is set to be shown in thousands of movie theaters across the country, to help educate the public on the importance of sustainable agriculture.

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