CScout Japan: Muji’s Emergency Kits Focus On Design And Function

CScout Japan: Muji’s Emergency Kits Focus On Design And Function
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Japanese company Muji introduces a line of emergency kits which take into account both function and aesthetics.

Amelia Riley Swan
  • 13 september 2011

As any good Boy Scout would know, it is important to always “Be Prepared,” and the Japanese products giant Muji have taken this to heart in their latest campaign “Itsumo, Moshimo” (Whenever, Whatever). With the disasters in Japan 6 months ago the idea of being ready for any event is still very prevalent in society. Muji have taped into this and in the new campaign have come up with a number of different “emergency situation kits” complete with everything you would need should the moment come.

What is really interesting is how Muji have taken into account form just as much as function. They haven’t just thought about what to put in the emergency kits but actually what the kits themselves will look like and if they will be in keeping with the aesthetics placed in. For example the clear plastic briefcase emergency kit designed to be placed on a shelf at work or on a desk should the emergency happen while at the office. The kits are incredibly well thought out, within the plastic case included are the staples such as various food stuffs, batteries, bandages etc, but also polka dot handkerchief and compressed t-shirts so you can look good post emergency too!

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Written By: Darrell Nelson
Reprinted with kind permission from CScout Japan

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