A research team from the Netherlands has developed a GPS app that directs cyclists through music so they don't have to constantly look at a screen.

Netherlands-based researchers from the University of Technology of Eindhoven have developed a smart system that can help cyclists, and possibly drivers, navigate by means of music. According to Matthijs Zwinderman, they devised the GPS app entitled, ‘Oh Music, Where Art Thou?’ as an alternative to conventional GPS, in which the driver or cyclist has to constantly look at a screen to find his way around.

With the music-guided method, the cyclist can keep his eyes on the road, and still be on the right track. The GPS app works best with headphones, and if the smart phone is strapped to or near the cyclist’s head. Music is played alternately from one ear to another, with volume and tempo changing depending on the cyclist’s proximity towards his destination. Zwinderman also projects that this app can make waves in the GPS industry, if head phones will eventually be enabled with their own compasses.

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