Daredevil Comics Features New York City’s High Line Park

Daredevil Comics Features New York City’s High Line Park

A modern landmark in the Big Apple appears in the resurrected Marvel series Daredevil.

Anna Brillon
  • 19 september 2011

The Marvel comic book series which debuted in the 1960’s has recently made a comeback, with a more updated version that features present day New York City. The 2nd issue of Daredevil, released in mid-August, shows the iconic High Line,  making its very first comic book appearance ever.

Thanks to Daredevil writer Mark Waid and artists Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera, the present generation can get to know the Marvel superhero and see him in a modern light. The High Line is seen in full detail, including the trusses and columns, which Daredevil cleverly uses to hide himself. The High Line used to be an old railway, which was converted by NYC into an elevated park, and opened to the public in 2009. The middle section of High Line was launched in 2011, with the rest of it currently undergoing development.

The High Line

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