Design Creative Of The Week: Gavin Rutherford [Visual Communication]

Design Creative Of The Week: Gavin Rutherford [Visual Communication]
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PSFK x Artsthread bring you the brightest young creative of the week in the field of visual communication.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 6 september 2011

Telescopes, Gavin Rutherford

In the sixth of our series of ‘Creatives of the Week’ chosen from ARTS THREAD’s graduate portfolios, we look at visual communication and spotlight the work of Gavin Rutherford, our Creative of the Week.

A graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design: University of Dundee, Gavin’s illustration work appeals to us for its intricate penmanship, creating pattern within pattern, worlds within worlds – from the minutiae of life to the infinite.

Gavin’s himself commented that:

Due to a natural passion for science and astronomy, much of my work looks at blurring the boundaries between art and these areas of study, taking inspiration from the night sky and the secrets it can hide.

In his series ‘Telescopes,’ Gavin is ‘exploring how advances in modern astronomy can offer us a new insight into the universe’ and the image above ‘explores how radio telescopes can decypher the various emissions of the night sky and convey them as audible sounds.’

The Elder Tree, Gavin Rutherford

Gavin has also worked on short stories, such as The Elder Tree, which he describes as:

A short hand-drawn story exploring the process of growing up and the changes in our priorities as we age. The narrative studies how maturity alters the way we interact and perceive the world around us by showing a direct contrast between the actions of our childhood and adult selves. In this case, the tree acts as both the setting and the catalyst of these changes throughout the different seasons of the year.

Cosmos, Gavin Rutherford

The images above are from Cosmos:

A series of hand-drawn black and white images inspired by the world of astronomy and our fascination with the night sky. The intention of these images is to explore the wealth of poetic and artistic inspiration that can be drawn from the beauty of the universe we live in and its many intricate processes. In doing so, I hope to portray astronomy as a source of wonder on both a intellectual and creative level, as opposed to belonging strictly to the world of physics.


Gavin Rutherford

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