Design Creative Of The Week: Jo-Yun Wang [Industrial, Product, Spatial]

Design Creative Of The Week: Jo-Yun Wang [Industrial, Product, Spatial]
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PSFK x Arts Thread have collaborated to highlight our top pick for creative in the field of industrial, product and spatial design.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 13 september 2011

Tune-Tune, Jo-Yun Wang

In the seventh of our series of ‘Creatives of the Week’ chosen from ARTS THREAD’s graduate portfolios, we highlight the specialisms of industrial/product/spatial design and showcase the work of Jo-Yun Wang, our Creative of the Week.

An MFA graduate in Product Design from Edinburgh College of Art, Jo-Yun Wang stands out for her clever mix of simple designs with interactive technology. Jo-Yun says of her work:

I imagine all products to be living objects, objects that can be spoken to, reacted to, objects that have a memory and live in harmony with us.

A Taiwanese-born designer now living and working in the UK, Jo-Yun previously studied Computer Science and Information Engineering and her ability to work across design and technology is apparent.

Yo-Yun’s graduate project Tune-Tune, sub-titled ‘I will always be singing with you,’ is:

an interactive stool that sings to its user through the movement of the user. Tune-Tune produces two different songs depending on the rotational direction of the top of the stool. By producing musical notes through movement, the stool creates a fun and playful experience for children.

Ensemble Caster Chair, Jo-Yun Wang

On the same theme of musical chairs, Jo-Yun’s Ensemble Caster Chair provides the perfect accompaniment. Jo-Yun explains that it is ‘

a swivel chair designed for children that creates interaction with the user through the production of musical notes. The caster wheels attached to the chair have integrated music boxes which produce musical notes when moved. With the casters playing different notes in harmony, an ensemble is created unique to the specific moment of the chair.

Move It, Jo-Yun Wang

A third project by Jo-Yun is the Move It cushion, described by the designer as:

a series of movable cushions that can adapt to different chairs. ‘Move It’ can not only make children’s seats more comfortable, but also increase the sitting experience by generating playful interactions.

Jo-Yun Wang

Jo-Yun Wang

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