As we stared at a flat tire on our Parisian shared-bike, we wondered whether stuff is created these days to be overly used.

PSFK‘s recent trip to Paris made us think about the trend of product sharing and caused us to wonder whether modern society really had the quality tools to hand to enable the movement. As we cycled through the streets on the French Capital's Velib system we had to return our bikes three times to a depot because of faults – and on one occasion it took 45 minutes to find that location.

It seemed to us that some aspects of the bikes (namely the tires) simply weren't up for the very regular use by Parisians and tourists like us. The idea behind it – that we could take a bike from one neighborhood and leave it in another – was wonderful, but in practice we found it frustrating as we had to return one bike with a broken chain and another two with flat tires (that happened after we left the rental stations). The issue, of course, us down to heavy use of the city sponsored collaborative consumption system – but it made us wonder how many other everyday products would stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use.

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