Are brands trying to be cute and cuddly with their slogans rather than empowering and ego-boosting?


This article titled “Brands: when familiarity breeds contempt” was written by Eva Wiseman, for The Observer on Saturday 24th September 2011 23.10 UTC

Children are growing up too fast. That's what people say, isn't it. Children are growing up too fast, with their padded bras and their dance moves. And adults are staying childish for too long – living with their mums, skateboarding, refusing to mate. But sometimes it seems to me that it's no wonder we have trouble acting our age – we're all being babysat by the stuff we buy. Lullabied with the padded language of packaging – packaging that, in recent years, has begun to talk to us. Talk to us like we're children, or at best a flu-ey girlfriend.

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