Artist Bili Bodjocka collects handwriting from around the world as to remember it in the face of its declining use.

The ubiquity of personal computing devices has turned typing into the dominant method of communication. One of the byproducts of this phenomenon is that we lose one of our signature marks that identifies us as individuals – handwriting. Typing onto a keyboard has the same output regardless of who you are.

An ongoing art project by Bili Bidjocka wishes to remind people of the importance of handwriting. Ecriture Infinite is comprised of eight massive tomes that professionals from fields such as cultural studies, neurolinguistics, aesthetics and creative writing have been invited to contribute their handwriting to. The exhibit travels around the world to museums and festivals inviting visitors to add their handwriting as well. It celebrates the 3,500 year old art of handwriting reminding people how long it has existed and its importance in providing both an identity and a visual experience.

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