Ed Cotton describes the trend towards making things a little nicer and better as a way of supporting and practicing sustainability.

Bain makes a great observation in its new report- The Great Eight- Trillion Dollar Growth Trends to 2020– that there’s an opportunity to make already good things, even better. It’s a reflection of the increasing wealth of the marketplace and the desire for these consumers to have fresh experiences, but also services that deliver the ultimate in convenience.

“ Everything the same, but nicer. Innovation will increasingly come in new forms beyond novel technologies like iPads and Twitter. Look for businesses to invest more heavily in “soft innovations,” which will offer affluent customers premium products and services as substitutes for common consumer purchases, better products commanding higher prices and a greater variety of niche products. Soft innovations will change our basic habits, from the way we drink coffee (think mochaccinos rather than drip brew) to the way we buy clothes (with matching outfits delivered to our doorstep rather than shopped for piecemeal in stores).”

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