Farmigo Lets Buyers Get Fresher And More Affordable Produce Fast

Farmigo Lets Buyers Get Fresher And More Affordable Produce Fast

Farmigo is a budget-friendly choice for communities who want to get fresh produce straight from the farm.

Anna Brillon
  • 14 september 2011

These days, fruit and vegetable buyers have become more aware of the presence of chemicals in the products they purchase. But buying organic can be quite pricey and add to that the cost of packaging and shipping to get the products you want, and a family’s food expense can grow quite large. Thanks to Farmigo, produce buyers are given the opportunity to get their food straight from the farmers, eliminating the added cost of getting them from the grocery shelf.

The Farmigo website contains listings of more than 1,500 locations or pick-up points where members can affordably get their fresh produce. In these pick-up points, such as schools and curches, farmers deliver their goods on a schedule. Members of the Farmigo community can get group discounts and can pick up their orders conveniently. At present, Farmigo also lets its members nominate new pick-up points or locations, if they are still unavailable on the site.


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