Floating Forecaster Turns The Weather Into A Physical Visualization

Floating Forecaster Turns The Weather Into A Physical Visualization

Not only does Poietic's Floating Forecaster visualize weather it is also interactive and can play music.

Dylan Schenker
  • 27 september 2011

What if instead of the traditional forecast, we got our weather updates from a more kinetic source? Poietic’s Floating Forecaster interprets oncoming weather into a series of levitating balls that rise and drop according to reports. When reporting weather predictions, the balls will form a series of different shapes and patterns that hang in the air held by nothing but bellows of air from the plastic contraption below them. It is a sculptural kinetic translation of weather into a physical abstraction.

The Floating Forecaster can also be controlled via an iPhone app that has a grid of buttons congruent with the device. Pressing each button makes the balls rise or fall depending on how long it is held for. Most recently, Poietic expanded the interactive component of Forecaster into a music instrument called Floating Orchestra. Using a similar iPhone interface to control the balls, the volume increases as they rise, creating a visual experience out of the music being played. It simulates being a conductor that controls each aspect of an orchestra by waving a wand.



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