This app serves as a virtual marketplace connecting produce sellers to their buyers.

An award-winning app recognized by the Cleanweb Hackathon transforms ordinary produce shops into a virtual marketplace. Named ‘Freshlist,’ this app created by Joshua Rosen and Hoa Hyun gives fruit and vegetable sellers an effective means of making sales. At the same time, Freshlist also helps buyers find what they’re looking for, at a location that is most convenient for them to access.

Here is a breakdown of how the app works: A vegetable vendor posts his inventory via SMS onto the Freshlist marketplace. A restaurateur who wants to make an order of onions types ‘list’ onto the app. Through GPS, the app lists down all the shops in the area that have the needed items in their inventory. When the buyer chooses the shop he wants to buy from, that vendor receives an SMS with the buyer’s contact details. The vendor then deletes the onions from his Freshlist inventory to keep it updated for future customers.

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