frog: Street Art As Provocations To Change The World

frog: Street Art As Provocations To Change The World
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Two contemporary street artists use their medium to spread a message.

  • 8 september 2011

There is something that always attracted me in the street art movement; although I hate stupid tags without meaning, I felt in love with those artists opening your mind while looking at their art, providing beauty to the towns such as Banksy (UK), Invader (FR), or Zibe (IT)…
It all started with markers and spray cans years ago, but lately this movement evolved a lot; artists are getting more creative and are using a wide variety of tools and supports to open our eyes on the society in which we live!

Here are two examples of powerful street art project:

1/ Alexander Orion is a Brazilian artist that uses the ‘Reverse Graffiti’ technic, also called ‘Clean Tag’ which consists of selective removal of dirt and grime to reveal a fresco of clean wall.
While this technic has been used by several artists; that’s the meaning and its impact that is powerful…

The scope of his project is to highlight both the extreme quantities of pollution coating the tunnels of São Paulo and the public’s carelessness towards it. His choice of graphic imagery for the installation, a 160 meters long (525 ft.) collection of sightless skulls, serve as a blatant reminder that the toxic pollution released from the hundreds of thousands of vehicles that commute back and forth on a daily basis have left a tangible mark…not just on our physical structures, but also in the air we breathe and in the environment that is supposed to sustain us.

Orion was approached by authorities several times during his nightly visits to the tunnel, but they were powerless to stop him because there’s nothing illegal about cleaning… In the end, they could only remove his installation by high-pressure hosing the whole tunnel from end to end; but they didn’t stop there, they continued onto every other tunnel in the city, cleaning them all!

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[Written by Clément Bommel. Reprinted with kind permission from design mind, a publication of global innovation firm frog.]

design mind is a publication of global innovation firm frog that is updated daily to keep the design and innovation community updated with fresh perspectives on industry trends, emerging technologies, and global consumer culture. Learn more about design mind and frog.

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