Google Flights is a new tool that helps travelers get the best deals on available flights across the US.

Trying economic times have made it difficult for people to manage their budgets. And for those who need to be traveling a lot, there is an extreme need to spend less on airfare. Thanks to the newly launched program Google Flights, one can easily view the available flights from his location to another US destination, and even compare the best prices.

At present, the freshly inaugurated system only features a few key cities in the US, such as New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and others. Google Flights integrates flight information from various cities, as well as presents them in an easy to view format for the traveler. Users can also fine-tune their search options based on available seating, best prices, as well as travel dates. Right now, Google Flights is undergoing a few more developments, but it seems poised to become a very handy tool that will change the travel space in the future.

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