What trends are shaping non-profits and businesses focused on social good? PSFK reports on Grameen Creative Lab's 'Change Model: Action Framing Workshop' that took place this weekend in NYC.

PSFK attended an inspiring two-day workshop about social innovation and social business that was organized by New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) alongside Grameen Creative Labs.

Addressing 3 big questions, the workshop allowed technologists, NGO’s, international social development experts, strategists, academics and students to discuss business methods and the philosophical impact of doing good. Those questions were:

What can we do that we don’t do now? What can we do differently and what could we do if we did something together? What are the barriers to doing that? Where are the gaps?

Discussion points were categorized in the first brainstorm of ideas into opportunities, gaps, and barriers. These ideas were re-worked over 2 days and molded into personalized solutions for attendees. Distinguished speakers included Robert Kirkpatrick, Economic Advisor to the UN Secretary-General, Utku Teksoz, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Director, Bill Moggridge, and Professor Muhammad Yunis.

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