Guitar Alarm Clock Wakes Users With Acoustic Tunes

Guitar Alarm Clock Wakes Users With Acoustic Tunes

A new design concept ditches the annoying alarm buzzer to let users wake up in a more peaceful and natural way.

Anna Brillon
  • 29 september 2011

Alarm clocks are generally designed with loud and annoying noises to rouse the weary sleepyhead. However, in this concept product designed by Jamie McMahon, the usual notion of the ear-splitting alarm clock is replaced with relaxing guitar music, which is played live! Known as ‘Acoustic Alarm,’ this wooden device has four strings, a bridge, and tuning pegs just like a real guitar. When the alarm sounds, a motorized pick plucks the strings to create soothing music to wake up to.

The Acoustic Alarm does not display the real time, however. This is because the designer wanted to eliminate the stressful feeling an agitated sleeper gets when he stares at an alarm clock while in bed. Through this innovation, McMahon aims to use natural materials to create natural and relaxing sounds, and reduce stress for users. Take a look at the clock in action below:


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