Not yet, says Hadley Freeman. The first daytime talkshow from the CNN reporter showed a surprising lack of news revelation.

This article titled “Is Anderson Cooper the new Oprah?” was written by Hadley Freeman, for on Tuesday 13th September 2011 13.02 UTC

So is Anderson Cooper the new Oprah Winfrey? Heck, Oprah made the shift from local news reporter and a brief but celebrated acting career to becoming the behemoth of soapy, slushy talkshows; surely Cooper – the chic-ly grizzled, frequently flak-jacketed but never flustered, CNN reporter – could do the transfer with even more of a flourish. He might be best known for his tendency to throw himself in the way of natural disasters and wars, but he always seemed to take just as much – maybe even more – pleasure in making sarcastic jokes about Snooki and corpsing about Gerard Depardieu's airplane incontinency.

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